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Why CloudGuards?


CloudGuards is the Right Choice

The Power of Experience Combined with Leading-Edge Technology

With over twenty years of cybersecurity experience, CloudGuards delivers a simple, powerful, state-of-the-art detection and response system for your business, built on a backbone of the most trusted network security brands. Our professional team continuously evaluates the latest systems and procedures, ensuring we remain well ahead of malicious attackers and data thieves.

Why Our Customers Choose Us

Budget Friendly

CloudGuards is More Effective

Most network professionals rely on SIEM and Event Management solutions that detect threats and deliver alerts. CloudGuards is better. Our team takes immediate action on your behalf and sends alerts, so you are always in the loop. For as little as $13.50 a month, your zero-downtime solution is ready to remove business interruptions from the security equation.

Avoid Data Breaches

Why choose us

You Are Ready

There is no reason to wait. Our advanced infrastructure works with your existing firewall and security solutions. There is no additional cost or effort required to create a secure bubble around your network, today.

Do What You Do Best

After twenty years of securing networks big and small, we understand the needs and challenges you face. While you focus on growing your business, our team of professionals take all those nagging security concerns off your hands.

Low Prices